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Friday, 27 March 2015

I'm always on my Phone

It might be a generation thing, or a London thing, but I am always on my phone. Maybe I'm a bit of an addict getting new apps all the time and deleting the ones I never use, and somehow still always using something. I swear I have to charge my phone at least twice a day and the battery life is really good, I'm just always doing something on it.

This year I made the resolution to take more photos, but that means more time on the phone as well, and if I want to post them to Instagram or other social platforms that's even more time on the phone. But I'm also the worst person at answering the phone. 

I hate hate hate talking on the phone. I associate it with calling my grandparents on the phone when I was a teenager, and it felt like such a chore. So whenever someone calls me, I pick up my phone and stare at it, practically contemplating life or death before I get the courage to answer it. The only time I answer the phone is if I'm waiting for a call from a possible employer or if its a number that is already in my phone. But I still go through that emotional struggle. And all I can think of is "why didn't you text?". 

I have two or three friends that have the tendency to call me, and we end up speaking on the phone for hours, but when I'm on the phone I can't seem to do anything else. Whereas when I text or Facebook message or Whatsapp I have time in between messages to do other things, like eat, watch tv, or even interact with other people.

I feel like my generation is scared of talking on the phone because we're obsessed with multitasking. We don't ever want to be doing only one thing at a time. I see girls catching up on their tv shows while jogging at the gym, or personally, I tend to knit or play games on my phone while I Skype my parents. It's like we can't turn off, we need to occupy our minds with multiple things all the time. I think we all would like to believe we have ADHD but we don't, we're just used to this kind of madness because we've grown to believe we can get more done if we're doing loads of things at once. 

For the next couple of weeks I'm going home to Luxembourg, and I'm hoping to be able to detox from my phone a little and focus on my assignments, but also focus on the face-to-face relationships I have, and hopefully improve them. 

How addicted to your phone are you?