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Sunday, 22 September 2013

Le Fin Gourmand: Luxembourg

Last week I asked my dad if he could take us to eat somewhere nice before I went back to London, especially because I hadn't been to eat anything French the whole time I was in Luxembourg. So we booked a table at Le Fin Gourmand, a well known francophone restaurant in Luxembourg city. Upon entering the restaurant we were greeted by a woman who took our coats and then showed us to our seats. The restaurant is well divided so that it doesn't get too loud in each of the rooms, and from my seat I could look into the kitchen. 
While glancing through the menu I couldn't choose what to eat, I was hoping they'd have at least one dish with crab, but they didn't because they had just switched to their autumn menu. In the end I had saut├ęd duck liver on a bed of mushrooms and spinach. And as a main dish, veal with canelloni filled with mushrooms on the side. Overall the food was really well prepared and the waiting time between dishes wasn't too long. I hate when they make you wait an hour between the starter and the main dish. Compared to the UK the service was a bit slow, because they don't expect to seat each table twice, so they pamper you a little more. The waitress had a conversation with us about the road works happening outside, and stopped to give her suggestions as well. 
One of the other things I loved was the restaurant's "catch phrase", we don't eat, we dine. And I truly believe that with very good food not only do you care about the flavour but you care about the eating experience and who you share the experience with. 
In conclusion, I ate really well and I had a good time. I'd gladly go there again. But to put it nicely, its not cheap. Here's their website: http://www.lefingourmand.lu/

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  1. Dear Diana, we are very honored to be in your blog, thank you very much for your fine words and great pictures.
    Hoping to see you soon at a return in Luxembourg
    Szele Nicolas