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Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Hard Rock Cafe

I've been to the Hard Rock Cafe many times in several different countries, but I've never eaten there. My parents aren't fans of chain restaurants so I've gotten used to avoiding chain restaurants as much as possible. But after talking about it a few times with my friend Miguel he convinced me to go there for lunch with him while his sister was visiting in London. 
I liked the music straight away when I walked in. And I loved that they were able to seat us the second we got there even though it seemed really busy. Looking through the menu and having had a burger a mere 48 hours before I decided to opt for a chicken sandwich. But this wasn't just a plain sandwich, it had honey mustard, cheese and bacon. Definitely my type of sandwich. Also, similar to other American restaurants they do free refills for all the sodas (soft drinks). 
But I think what I liked the most of the restaurant and the store is that they have memorabilia. I know that's what makes the Hard Rock the Hard Rock but I really liked being that close to all that music. Especially since they were playing a set of songs that I really like but had forgotten about because I've been having a house and electro music phase. Overall, I'd probably eat there again, but I'd hope to be seated somewhere else just so that I could see some other items left behind by musicians. 
Here's their website: http://www.hardrock.com/

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