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Thursday, 26 September 2013

Beigel Bake

One of the reasons I wanted to live near Brick Lane was the two Bagel places or as they say "Beigel". They are open 24/7 and the staff is always nice no matter what time it is. There are no tables for you to sit and eat, there's a sort of bar area which you can lean against while you eat. But it doesn't matter because these bagels are amazing.
They make the bread freshly themselves and they have huge packages of all the toppings. They do tuna and sweetcorn, ham, cream cheese, smoked salmon, cucumber, salt beef, and a few others that I haven't tried. One salmon and cream cheese bagel only costs 1.60 pounds. Which I think is incredible, even Tesco food isn't that cheap, and the quality of these bagels is so good. They also make cakes, and pastries, but honestly I'd rather have two bagels than cake. They also have drinks, for reasonable prices too unlike other places which charge 2 pounds for a Coca-Cola. 
Its set up in a way that you walk in a line up at their glass cased bar, and stand on your tiptoes to see over the bar to talk to the people serving you. If its full the queue starts outside, but even when the queue is bad the longest I've had to wait is 10 minutes to be served, and queuing gives you time to know what you want to order. Here's their timeout page: http://www.timeout.com/london/restaurants/brick-lane-beigel-bake

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