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Monday, 16 February 2015

A Typical Weekend

Valentine's Weekend was huge here in London, couples everywhere, and parties widely available for the single people. 

So of course my single friends and I decided to go to Cat Face on the Saturday night. This time it was held at Metropolis Strip Club, but sadly there were no strippers. After pre-drinking jello shots out of syringes we headed out and got to the club. 

First thing we noticed, it was deserted, second thing, there's no cloakroom. Great, so now we have to party with our coats on? Finally it starts to fill up, and the second and third floor get opened up. And the evening is getting way better, the third floor has a beach! And of course we started dancing on all the stripper poles all over the club. Good times. 

Then the evening gets a little out of hand, with a friend of mine not making the best decision in boys, and the rest of us trying to avoid some of the uglier ones. Finally we all decide to leave and get bagels, because who doesn't want bagels at 1:30am. 

Walking along Brick Lane, to our apartment we're enjoying our bagels, only to get the shock of our lives. Someone in a moving car has egged us. I start freaking out because my whole left side is covered in egg, but it gets worse. My friend Daniella can't see, she was hit in the eye and everything's pitch black for her. 

So we rush home, wash her face, leave the drunk girl home, and get an Uber at 2:09am, to the eye hospital. It takes us ages to fill out forms and have a nurse see us but finally we're getting somewhere. Somehow there are only seven patients but we end up leaving the hospital at 6:30am after arguing with a nurse over prescription medication and Daniella having to look into a god awful bright light 50 or so times. 

The ironic thing was that it was not our first time there, back in 2013, I was hit in the eye with a champagne cork and the same thing happened to me. Not exactly the most ordinary of Saturday nights, but hey, not something new either. Thankfully we're all ok now, even though her eye will take a while to heal. 

All in all, I still spent Valentine's with people who love me. 

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