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Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Panic! at the Disco at The Forum

About a week ago I had the wonderful opportunity to finally see Panic at the Disco live for the first time. I had booked the ticket in July, so I was practically counting down the days until the show since then. Doors were at 7, but I assumed that since they had a support act not that many people would be there that early. I got to The Forum in Kentish Town at about 6:50 and the queue for the concert went around the block, it must have been at least 400 metres long, if not more. 
Once finally inside, I was able to leave my coat in the cloakroom, and buy a band t-shirt for my sister. I would have spent money at the bar too, if it hadn’t been so crowded. But what more can you expect from a sold out show? The inside of the Forum is really beautiful, it has a baroque feel, but with brighter modern colours. If I wanted to I could have gotten a seated ticket on the upper balcony of the venue. 
The support band, New Politics was amazing and they really got the crowd going. The singer even jumped into the crowd for a bit which of course made everyone scream and jump for joy. When there were guitar solos he would break dance too, I was really impressed. When they finished their set, there was only a short break before Panic at the Disco came on. Everyone went absolutely mad when Brendon Urie came on stage. It was really great to be part of something with so many people. I love music because of the way it connects people. The crowd was so in sync we were louder than Brendon. Overall it was great to see him perform.
The only downside was how aggressive the crowd got, and that he was the only one present from the original band. If you ever hear of any gigs at the Forum I recommend you go, its such a nice venue and even if you’re immersed in the crowd you can still see the band really well. 
Here’s Panic at the Disco’s website: http://www.panicatthedisco.com/
Here’s New Politics’ site: http://newpoliticsrock.com/

and here’s the venue’s webpage: http://mamacolive.com/theforum/

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