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Sunday, 3 November 2013


Attempting to do a bar crawl with a few friends during London Cocktail week we decided to hit up Shoreditch since Covent Garden was a little far. The first place we went to was Cargo. Cargo is on a side road that looks more like an alley than a road but since we were in a group we decided we’d be OK walking down this alley. Looking just at Cargo’s entrance it looked like a club. On a Tuesday night we weren’t looking for a club. We just wanted to chat. So we continued working. And we saw Cargo’s open terrace, so we went back. 
Looking at all the full booths we chose a round table and ordered a round of drinks. I picked my typical bar drink, a cider. But it wasn’t just a normal cider, it was pomegranate flavoured! The others mostly got cocktails which looked pretty tasty. There was club music playing softly in the background. The smokers were able to smoke without having to miss out on conversation. And everyone was enjoying the last slightly warmer evening before winter came. 
Cargo had some really nice decorative details around the inside, and the terrace was incredible. I’d like to go back there on a busier night, or maybe when the weather is good enough for the terrace to be full. Even if it wasn’t exactly what we were looking for Cargo was nice enough so that we could enjoy our evening out. 

Here’s their website: http://www.cargo-london.com/

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