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Friday, 29 November 2013

Tulum Tacos

In Shoreditch there’s a little “food village” with a collection of different pop-up food stands. I recently went to Tulum Tacos and tried their Churros with a side of Corona. My friend chose to go for the Nachos which also looked amazing. When walking into the tent type room, we looked at all the different stands, but this one stood out to us the most. I quickly scanned over the menu and knew that the Churros was what I wanted most. 
They made the Churros for me right there. Frying them for about 10 minutes and heating up some amazing chocolate sauce. Also, it was the first time I had cinnamon on Churros, and let me tell you, it tastes like heaven. The open space is great for sitting down and relaxing with a beer in hand and having a chat with friends. They’ve put little outdoor heaters everywhere which is also great because that way you don't have to eat with your jacket on. 
I’m contemplating going back for a full meal, and trying food from another stand but always ending my meal with those amazing Churros. They were seriously the best I’ve had in a very very long time. 

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Panic! at the Disco at The Forum

About a week ago I had the wonderful opportunity to finally see Panic at the Disco live for the first time. I had booked the ticket in July, so I was practically counting down the days until the show since then. Doors were at 7, but I assumed that since they had a support act not that many people would be there that early. I got to The Forum in Kentish Town at about 6:50 and the queue for the concert went around the block, it must have been at least 400 metres long, if not more. 
Once finally inside, I was able to leave my coat in the cloakroom, and buy a band t-shirt for my sister. I would have spent money at the bar too, if it hadn’t been so crowded. But what more can you expect from a sold out show? The inside of the Forum is really beautiful, it has a baroque feel, but with brighter modern colours. If I wanted to I could have gotten a seated ticket on the upper balcony of the venue. 
The support band, New Politics was amazing and they really got the crowd going. The singer even jumped into the crowd for a bit which of course made everyone scream and jump for joy. When there were guitar solos he would break dance too, I was really impressed. When they finished their set, there was only a short break before Panic at the Disco came on. Everyone went absolutely mad when Brendon Urie came on stage. It was really great to be part of something with so many people. I love music because of the way it connects people. The crowd was so in sync we were louder than Brendon. Overall it was great to see him perform.
The only downside was how aggressive the crowd got, and that he was the only one present from the original band. If you ever hear of any gigs at the Forum I recommend you go, its such a nice venue and even if you’re immersed in the crowd you can still see the band really well. 
Here’s Panic at the Disco’s website: http://www.panicatthedisco.com/
Here’s New Politics’ site: http://newpoliticsrock.com/

and here’s the venue’s webpage: http://mamacolive.com/theforum/

Monday, 25 November 2013

The Stylist's Rail

Having spent half my Friday on Facebook I saw that there was something going on at the Hoxton Hotel on the Saturday. And I decided to check it out. It was the Stylist's Rail at the Hoxton Hotel. I had gone to one of their previous events with some friends at Birthdays in Dalston back in May so I was looking forward to seeing how it would be different at a hotel. 
Upon arrival I heard some really great music, and saw some really beautiful photos in the hallway before I even got to the clothes. Once I stepped into the room I felt underdressed, everyone looked so edgy and so “London” and I was just in jeans and a t-shirt. But I got over it pretty quickly because the music was so good. After browsing through a few racks of clothes I found a few really cute items. I had only brought 30 pounds with me, so I had to look through and pick the few items I really really liked. 
I’m really happy I chose what I did, I’ve worn both items a few times already, and when I’m a little less broke I’m looking forward to going to another one of their sales. Bring friends, and head over to one of their events, it would have taken me much less time to choose what I wanted if my friends had been there with me. And if you’re a little fashion forward its a great place to go to find something a little different or a trend item that you think might be having a “come back”. 

Here’s their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/TheStylistsRail

Saturday, 23 November 2013

21 - The Market

After strolling to Covent Garden and hoping that the weather would stay warm my friends and I decided to grab a quick bite and a drink at 21 in the Covent Garden square. The restaurant has an upstairs balcony for people enjoying an after work drink. They also have tables set out in part of the square. And a little restaurant on two floors inside. 
The wine is good, the servers are really polite, and you can still sit outside into the winter months because they have outdoor heaters. But the best part of this place is their pizza. Yummy crunchy thin pizza with the right ratio of sauce to cheese. So we enjoyed our drinks, and our incredible pizza while catching up on what happened over summer. Maybe we were nostalgic of our summers and that’s why we sat outside, I don’t know. 
Either way, the ambiance is very romantic, but also relaxed, so probably a good place for one of those first few dates with someone. This is a great place to grab a drink if you want to avoid huge crowds on oxford street after a long day. Or if you’re just strolling around Covent Garden and you want to sit down and enjoy your day, then its the perfect place to go. 

Here’s their website: http://21-coventgarden.co.uk/

Thursday, 21 November 2013

Solid Id

Solid Id is a cute little pop-up shop for homeware in Spitalfields. I didn't buy anything there, but I did fall in love with a few pieces. They have vintage styled items integrated with modern design. And they have amazing candles too.
The people working in store are very friendly and will offer you a helping hand if you need anything, but they don't pester you like staff do in some independent stores. When you walk in it smells amazing just as though you had gotten home. Its warm and inviting, more so than other stores in the area.
I just went in there to browse but I'm really happy I did, if I have any friends looking for something a little bit more different and unique I'll tell them to shop there. I must have picked up at least five or six things that I thought would look great in my place. 
Too bad its a pop-up shop though, since I don't know when they'll leave. Maybe I should impulse buy something from them soon. Or simply buy something from them online. 

Here’s their website: http://solidid.co.uk/

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

10 Greek Street

I’ve had to have dinner in Soho a few times and every time I drag people to number 10 Greek Street, hoping that they’ll have a table free. I’ve only eaten there 3 times, but every time I’ve left wishing I could eat there again. The food is very European, but in the right way. They source their ingredients well and even a plate of their carrots would be amazing (if they served that). 
They have a very Mediterranean feel about their food and they combine flavours very well. Its not cheap, but generally you spend 30 pounds per person with a glass of wine. The ambiance is lively around meal times, but the last time we got there at 14:45 and the place was starting to get a little quieter. If you want to enjoy food but can’t handle a loud room go during the afternoon, they serve smaller dishes at this time but everything is still amazing. 
The room is decorated very simply, the sides are lined with black tables, but the front and back walls have small with tiles on them. When you walk in you can already smell the amazing food, and after you order the wait is never long. They’re very nice about splitting the bill and they’re not the kind of place that tries to rush you out if you’ve finished your food.
The menu is written on blackboards around the restaurant, and the drinks menu is a little scroll placed in-between the table’s cutlery. Next to the cutlery there is also a dish of salt and a bottle of olive oil, showing their Mediterranean feel. 

Here’s their website: http://www.10greekstreet.com/

Sunday, 17 November 2013

Bellville Sassoon at the Fashion and Textile Museum

I went to the Fashion and Textile Museum during the spring to see the Kaffe Fassett exhibit and recently found out there was a Bellville Sassoon exhibit going on. Bellville Sassoon was a company which designed several royal gowns for princess Diana so of course I was intrigued. 
We arrived about 10 minutes after the museum's opening time so the lobby was pretty crowded. It being a pretty small museum meant that when we were walked in there wasn't enough room to see each piece displayed well. So I started viewing the exhibit from the end room. There were several incredible ball gowns shown from the start up of the company to very recently. 
Some pieces had so much intricate detail and others just flowed perfectly on the mannequins. There was a video of their runway shows which showed catwalk from the 70's to now. Everything was set up so well that you could easily move your eye from one dress to the other and stay wonderfully entranced. 
My favourite room was the front room of the show, a room for the brand's work with royals. There were photos and drawings of the different pieces princesses and the queen wore. There were even letters from Diana saying how grateful she was for a dress they had made for her. I think I loved this because not only did it show the person contact the brand had with their clients, but also the way she interacted with people. 
Overall, I really recommend going to this show, you're not going to see anything this special just anywhere. 

Friday, 15 November 2013


London is great for going out. But the best places are in central London. Those few times my friends and I have bothered to go all the way to Piccadilly Circus to go out we’ve often ended up at DSTRKT. DSTRKT is the kind of place you can’t get into if you’re not on the guestlist. Most promoters in London have at least one night a week where they party at DSTRKT.
We often went to there on Mondays where they did a sort of student night. But I’ve been there on the weekend too. Its a little bit more tense on the weekend, so they care more about what you’re wearing. With a promoter you have a table and vodka with cranberry or orange juice at the table. This means you can party with out spending money, if you’re a girl. Entrance is free for girls prior to 11pm, after 11 they pay the same as the male fare which is 20 pounds. 
You end up drinking more than 20 pounds worth, so its worth it. I’ve never had to pay entrance, but I’ve always gone there very early in the evening. The club is great, the music goes in phases, the first hour or so is general house music, and then it blends into commercial and R&B music but blended with a house vibe. The dance floor is in the middle of some of the tables, so you have to find your way up there. But once you’re there you don’t want to leave. 
One time they had a violinist playing with the house music. It was amazing. In conclusion, I’ve had many good nights at DSTRKT and even some great nights, if you’re in London its worth checking out, especially if you want to do something a little special and out of the norm. 
Here’s their website: http://www.dstrkt-london.com/

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Pizza Union

After walking past a very full Breakfast Club my flatmate Emily and I decided to go somewhere we knew there would be space. So we went next to Nido, and found Pizza Union as well as a Japanese restaurant. Opting for pizza was a smart choice. Pizza Union is set up as a "do it yourself" restaurant. We sat outside and enjoyed the last few moments of sunlight. 
You go up to make your order, grab your drinks and pay for everything. They then give you a beeper and it lights up when your pizza is ready. The pizzas are very affordable. I think mine cost about 5 pounds. After the first bite I decided that this was probably the best pizza I've had in London so far. And that's a big statement. 
Maybe I don't go out for pizza often, but overall it was the perfect thinness, and combination of flavours. The tomato sauce still soft and the cheese creamy and not overly stringy like the bad cheeses you often get on pizza. I really like the set up of the restaurant too, everything was authentic Italian which is really strange for a "fast food" sort of place. But who cares, as long as it tastes good. 
Here's their website: http://www.pizzaunion.com/

Monday, 11 November 2013


Over the years I’ve fallen more and more in love with Zara, and Inditex overall. Every time I walk into Zara I know I’ll find something I like. And now you don’t even have to walk into the store to get what you want, they have online shopping too. This is all really great, for everyone and everything, except for my wallet. You see, Zara clothes look great with other Zara clothes. And this is where the cycle gets bad for me, because after I buy one item there I know there are at least a few others I want. 
My body size is quite standard, so its always easy for me to find nice fitting clothes there. And I’m a sucker for Zara jeans. Their prices are low enough for me to get the items I want, but high enough for me not to buy the whole collection every season. Another joy of Zara is that most of their clothes are elegant, and somewhat timeless. Unless you buy that t-shirt that is “so 2013” then you’re likely to be able to wear that item for years. At least that’s what I’ve done with Zara. 
If Zara is not your thing, then you might like one of Inditex’s other brands, such as; Pull & Bear, Bershka, Massimo Dutti, or Stradivarius. I’m going to stop ranting about how great Zara is I just love it and since its a global brand everyone has access to it. If your suitcase ever gets lost, go to Zara.
(all images from the Zara online store)
Here’s their online store: http://www.zara.com/

Saturday, 9 November 2013

The Hoxton Seven

Walking around Shoreditch trying to find a slightly more relaxed and quiet bar may not seem like such a hard task on a Tuesday night. But after strolling past at least 10 bars, we were getting a little tired. Luckily we found The Hoxton Seven. Which is a great little place on a corner of a big road. You walk up a few little steps and step through a big heavy door and voila, you’re inside this cosy yet large bar. They have couches and booths set up around all the sides of the room, leaving enough space in the middle for the Saturday night crowd. 
After we chose our booth, we glanced through their drinks menu, admiring all the strangely named cocktails. I chose a passion fruit mojito. Which I must say is probably the best mojito I’ve had in London. The music was the perfect volume for us to continue our conversation and enjoy our drinks without having to scream. The service was fast, and for east London, and cocktails the drinks weren’t priced too highly. 
But I think the most interesting about this bar is the art around the room, and the huge stuffed black bear in one corner of the room. Its a fun slightly quirky bar, but good for a lazy night out, especially if you don’t want to dance. 

Here’s their facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Hoxtonseven

Thursday, 7 November 2013

Stolen Space

When returning home one rainy afternoon I happened to notice the "Stolen Space" gallery. And as a way to get out of the rain I went in. The show was very interesting and different. The artist Haroshi named the show "pain". His pieces are made out of old and broken skateboards. Using the wood as layers to create images reflecting common pain in our lives. One of the pieces was a broken heart, smooth and perfect on the exterior, but with some major cracks and breaks in the middle. 
The work was really interesting to see because you couldn't see how much time Haroshi put into each piece but even if a piece looked simple it was so powerful that you could feel the pain and the work put into it. I hurt my ankle the day after I saw the show, so the images I saved from the show helped me feel like I would get over my physical pain quickly and I'll also heal like the used wood. 
Overall, I think this gallery will continue to show very interesting things especially since most of the pieces on show were already sold. Definitely a place to watch for diverse up and coming art. 

Here's the gallery's site: http://www.stolenspace.com
and here's Haroshi's website: http://haroshi.com