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Sunday, 17 November 2013

Bellville Sassoon at the Fashion and Textile Museum

I went to the Fashion and Textile Museum during the spring to see the Kaffe Fassett exhibit and recently found out there was a Bellville Sassoon exhibit going on. Bellville Sassoon was a company which designed several royal gowns for princess Diana so of course I was intrigued. 
We arrived about 10 minutes after the museum's opening time so the lobby was pretty crowded. It being a pretty small museum meant that when we were walked in there wasn't enough room to see each piece displayed well. So I started viewing the exhibit from the end room. There were several incredible ball gowns shown from the start up of the company to very recently. 
Some pieces had so much intricate detail and others just flowed perfectly on the mannequins. There was a video of their runway shows which showed catwalk from the 70's to now. Everything was set up so well that you could easily move your eye from one dress to the other and stay wonderfully entranced. 
My favourite room was the front room of the show, a room for the brand's work with royals. There were photos and drawings of the different pieces princesses and the queen wore. There were even letters from Diana saying how grateful she was for a dress they had made for her. I think I loved this because not only did it show the person contact the brand had with their clients, but also the way she interacted with people. 
Overall, I really recommend going to this show, you're not going to see anything this special just anywhere. 

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