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Thursday, 7 November 2013

Stolen Space

When returning home one rainy afternoon I happened to notice the "Stolen Space" gallery. And as a way to get out of the rain I went in. The show was very interesting and different. The artist Haroshi named the show "pain". His pieces are made out of old and broken skateboards. Using the wood as layers to create images reflecting common pain in our lives. One of the pieces was a broken heart, smooth and perfect on the exterior, but with some major cracks and breaks in the middle. 
The work was really interesting to see because you couldn't see how much time Haroshi put into each piece but even if a piece looked simple it was so powerful that you could feel the pain and the work put into it. I hurt my ankle the day after I saw the show, so the images I saved from the show helped me feel like I would get over my physical pain quickly and I'll also heal like the used wood. 
Overall, I think this gallery will continue to show very interesting things especially since most of the pieces on show were already sold. Definitely a place to watch for diverse up and coming art. 

Here's the gallery's site: http://www.stolenspace.com
and here's Haroshi's website: http://haroshi.com

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