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Friday, 15 November 2013


London is great for going out. But the best places are in central London. Those few times my friends and I have bothered to go all the way to Piccadilly Circus to go out we’ve often ended up at DSTRKT. DSTRKT is the kind of place you can’t get into if you’re not on the guestlist. Most promoters in London have at least one night a week where they party at DSTRKT.
We often went to there on Mondays where they did a sort of student night. But I’ve been there on the weekend too. Its a little bit more tense on the weekend, so they care more about what you’re wearing. With a promoter you have a table and vodka with cranberry or orange juice at the table. This means you can party with out spending money, if you’re a girl. Entrance is free for girls prior to 11pm, after 11 they pay the same as the male fare which is 20 pounds. 
You end up drinking more than 20 pounds worth, so its worth it. I’ve never had to pay entrance, but I’ve always gone there very early in the evening. The club is great, the music goes in phases, the first hour or so is general house music, and then it blends into commercial and R&B music but blended with a house vibe. The dance floor is in the middle of some of the tables, so you have to find your way up there. But once you’re there you don’t want to leave. 
One time they had a violinist playing with the house music. It was amazing. In conclusion, I’ve had many good nights at DSTRKT and even some great nights, if you’re in London its worth checking out, especially if you want to do something a little special and out of the norm. 
Here’s their website: http://www.dstrkt-london.com/

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