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Friday, 1 November 2013

Lina Stores

Strolling through Soho I noticed this shop with Italian cookies in the window. So of course I walked in. Lina Stores has a huge variation of Italian food. Mostly products that are long lasting are featured in the shop. And they even have my favourite canned tuna. Having grown up with my Italian parents I like to find high quality food. Lina Stores also had a homemade pesto that was to die for.
I spent about 4 pounds on this tub of pesto. But I was able to eat pasta with it at least 4 times. And I even put it on my toast. It was amazing. The flavour quality it had was so good that I can’t wait to go back to get some more. They also have a huge selection of cheese and hams. You should see their salamis! 
If you’re not a foodie but you’re strolling through Soho, you might want to stop in to get a bottle of wine. Their wine selection is great, sadly I didn’t get to try any because I was too focused on the food. But if you’re a sucker for any slightly special sauce think of going there to get it. Because if you had an amazing dish of pasta in a restaurant you might be able to make it at home for much less and it will still be that good. 
When I go back I’m going with a huge shopping bag, and a long list of things I’m going to buy. Also, their logo is this cute light teal and white. Which I find very light and playful; perfect with the flavours of their food. 

Here’s the website for Lina Stores: http://www.linastores.co.uk/

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