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Tuesday, 19 November 2013

10 Greek Street

I’ve had to have dinner in Soho a few times and every time I drag people to number 10 Greek Street, hoping that they’ll have a table free. I’ve only eaten there 3 times, but every time I’ve left wishing I could eat there again. The food is very European, but in the right way. They source their ingredients well and even a plate of their carrots would be amazing (if they served that). 
They have a very Mediterranean feel about their food and they combine flavours very well. Its not cheap, but generally you spend 30 pounds per person with a glass of wine. The ambiance is lively around meal times, but the last time we got there at 14:45 and the place was starting to get a little quieter. If you want to enjoy food but can’t handle a loud room go during the afternoon, they serve smaller dishes at this time but everything is still amazing. 
The room is decorated very simply, the sides are lined with black tables, but the front and back walls have small with tiles on them. When you walk in you can already smell the amazing food, and after you order the wait is never long. They’re very nice about splitting the bill and they’re not the kind of place that tries to rush you out if you’ve finished your food.
The menu is written on blackboards around the restaurant, and the drinks menu is a little scroll placed in-between the table’s cutlery. Next to the cutlery there is also a dish of salt and a bottle of olive oil, showing their Mediterranean feel. 

Here’s their website: http://www.10greekstreet.com/

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