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Saturday, 2 February 2013

From Notting Hill

 Today I went to Portobello market, its between Notting Hill Gate and Ladbroke Grove stations. I was really sunny, but the wind was super chilly, so I didn't spend much time at any stands. All I bought was food because I didn't want to stand in the cold for too long. In general its really crowded with tourists. They often stop to take pictures, and to look for someone from their group so if you can't handle crowds I don't advise you to go. 
There are so many cute little stands, such as this one. This stand has teacups, teapots, and all other types of dishes. Every cup has a different design. I was so tempted to buy this set of blue teacups, but I would never use them. The shop behind is really cute as well, its called "Alice's" and it has a lot of different home accessories. They have some really unique coasters; some have cheesy prints and others have funny quotes about the UK.  
This one stand we went to had so many interesting carpets, and I'm thinking about getting one of these pillows next year for my new room.
Overall I think the general area near Portobello Market is really nice and fun, and so many shops have interesting antiques. I also go there to see the different styles of houses, because living in East London I rarely see cute individual homes. I'm used to seeing tall buildings with flats. Walking down some of the streets in Notting Hill give you the impression of being in a fairy tale, and its often hard to believe that such perfect houses can be found in such a big city. I'm such a sucker for romantic detailing like the windows above. My dream house would have windows like that, maybe without the metal railings. 

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