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Monday, 4 February 2013

Funky Buddha, Mayfair

In Mayfair, there is a club called "Funky Buddha" which is well known for celebs and expensive drinks. The entrance to the club looks cheap, but there are several security guards to check your id, and the contents of your hand bags. Once inside you get a stamp on the inside of your wrist. If you're a girl you get free entry until 11pm. After 11 entry is 20 pounds, which I find really expensive. The queue to the cloakroom is generally quite fast, and the cloakroom lady doesn't mind if your bag doesn't close with your jacket in it unlike some other places. I've often been charged double because my handbag didn't close. 
My flatmate Emily and I went to Funky Buddha because we know a guy that does promotion for the club, so we got to go there for free and we were at a table with a free bottle of Grey Goose Vodka.
I'm the one in the white and blue dress. The girl on the left of me is my flatmate Emily. We're really close, we live together, go out together, and pretty much can't not talk to each other for 24 hours. We're going to be living together next year. The other girls in the photo are semester abroad students from NYU that we met at Funky Buddha, they are really friendly, and I think they'll be coming out with us tonight.
The shot girls and guys at Funky Buddha carry around these "smoking shots" trays. Its really cool. Next time I might treat myself to one.
Emily and I tried taking a picture together about 50 times, this is the best one. Overall, I had a good night at Funky Buddha, but I think next time I'll need to pace my drinking.

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