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Saturday, 2 February 2013

The Background Story

I recently moved to London in September 2012. It was always a dream to come back. When I was young, in the spring of 1999, my family and I moved to a flat in Chelsea. In 2004, we moved to Luxembourg, leaving London. I grew up with the thought that I belonged here more than any other place in the world. London has this nature, it accepts everyone from anywhere. I often freeze and find it difficult to explain where I'm from. I've learned to briefly say I'm Italian and leave it at that if I don't want to make conversation. If I opt for talking to someone for longer then I explain the whole story. I'm Diana, I was born in Hong Kong when it was still British, my sister however was born after it became Chinese again. I lived in London, then moved to Luxembourg, but both my parents are Italian, and I only hold an Italian passport. I speak English, Italian, French and my German is rusty. I chose to come back to London for university. I attend London Metropolitan University and I study Events Management. I often feel as though my university isn't that good, but it was the only "good" university in London with that course, and I knew that Events was what I wanted to study. I currently live at "the Curve" between Aldgate East and Whitechapel. I love it because I started getting to know a different part of London than the London I saw when I was a kid. Hopefully this blog will be about all the new experiences that I'll gain from living in London. I may recommend a place more than once, or talk about certain people frequently, but that's only because there are somethings in life that should be a little more routine, unlike my university schedule. Back to the point, the image above shows a section of my room in my dorms here in London, its just a quick snapshot to give you a general idea of what surrounds me. I want to post more photos in the future, but I can't promise I will because my camera is a bit annoying to carry around.

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