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Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Love Shake

On Shoreditch high street there is an amazing milkshake place called "Love Shake". You can get shakes with oreo, peanut butter, short cake, traditional flavours (strawberry, chocolate, vanilla), and alcoholic ones. They also serve food, but i don't recommend getting food cause the milkshakes are so filling.
The interior of Love Shake is very retro, there are pictures of Elvis and Wonderwoman from the old comic books. There are booths set up on the sides and their tables are set up like old diner table. They have cute lamps with cheesy lampshades and mirrors on the walls. My favourite thing is that the bathroom doors are covered with men and women from the 50's.
I go to Love Shake way too often, I go at least once a week, I can't get enough of their shakes. Here's their webpage: http://www.theloveshake.co.uk/

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