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Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Kaffe Fassett

At the Fashion and Textiles Museum in London there is currently a Kaffe Fassett exhibit. He started out as a painter, then fell in love with knitting and needlepoint work. His work has been featured in Vogue and other fashion magazines. He is best known for his use of colour and at the show there is a video where he explains that "a gold next to a green is very different from a gold next to a pink".
His artistic journey is displayed very well in the few rooms of the museum, setting up his background and slowly showing his growth as an artist. I like to call him a composer, because he aligns the colours and patterns so well and particularly focuses on the composition of the whole piece. The rooms are also very colourful but they don't distract from his work.
There is one wall called "Kaffe's feeling wall" and you are allowed to touch the different fabrics he uses, as well as some small bits of fabric he knitted. It was a really cool experience, and it gives you a very different perspective on the world we live in. We are made aware of so many more colours and patterns.
The exhibit costs 5.50 pounds for students, and 8 for everyone else, and it closes on the 29th of June. The gallery also do knitting and textile workshops within the art gallery. This show is really worth seeing.
and here's Kaffe's own site: http://www.kaffefassett.com/Home.html

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