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Saturday, 11 May 2013

All Star (Bowling)

I recently went to the All Star bowling alley on Brick Lane. You have to push through a really heavy door and walk through a restaurant but when you get to the bowling area its really nice. You can tell everyone is having fun the second you walk through the door. 
The inside of the bowling alley is styled very old school American, and everything seems out of a movie. The metal bar that collects the bowling pins says "eat, drink, bowl" on it. And there are several other cute details. Their drink menu is very elaborate, so you can spend half an hour just choosing your drink. 
My friend Emily was the best in our round, but everyone had at least one round where we didn't get any pins down. The bowling balls are all really heavy, so if you don't remember how hard bowling was when you were a kid you're in for a surprise. 
One other thing I love about bowling is that everyone is wearing the weird bowling shoes, therefore you all have a sort of sense of belonging with your group of friends. It costs 8.95 per person to play one game, and I recommend you reserve before going there because there aren't many lanes. 
This is their website: http://www.allstarlanes.co.uk/

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