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Thursday, 9 May 2013

Drunken Monkey

On Tuesday, after going bowling with a couple of friends three of us decided we wanted to do something else. We've walked past this restaurant called "The Drunken Monkey" so many times, but from the outside it looks so black, and gives you a feeling of unease. However, they do have a light up sign that says "DIM SUM ALL DAY" which is very inviting for me. I've not been able to eat good Chinese food around London without going all the way to Leicester Square, so I was quite happy to find this place.
I only ordered four king prawn dumplings, which I have to say were really amazing. We asked for tap water, and they came out with a huge jug of tap water with ice and lemon, which we were really grateful for because that way we didn't have to pester the staff for a refill. The menu is written on your "table cloth" that is handed to you when you tell them that you'd like to eat. Then a waiter comes by, takes one of the table cloths and writes down what you wish to order, circling the few items. The food didn't arrive all at the same time, one of my friends was done with one of her orders before everything else got brought to the table. Luckily we weren't dying of starvation because they offer prawn crackers as a free appetizer.
Sadly, I didn't really like the service, because I had also ordered beef dumplings and they didn't tell me they had run out, and some how they brought vegetarian spring rolls to our table as well. This confusion made me a bit unhappy, and therefore I had to be the bitch that asked them to take the service charge off the bill. Hopefully next time I go there it will be better. 
Here's a link to their webpage: http://www.thedrunkenmonkey.co.uk/

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