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Friday, 3 May 2013

Shoreditch Vintage Fair

On Saturday 27th of April in the Shoreditch Town Hall there was a vintage fair. It was really well set up, each seller had a little stand where their clothes were set up, and most of them had a rack with clothes of cheaper prices, such as a 10 pounds or 5 pounds rack. If you liked something you were able to take it downstairs to the huge bathrooms and try it on. I only bought one top, but its really cute, its jeans and polka dotted with white spots. There were mostly stands with women's wear, but there were  a few with men's wear as well as a few accessory stalls.
The hall in which the event took place was beautiful, it was an old concert hall, where the people of Shoreditch would go to see theatre productions and such. 
One thing I really enjoyed was how friendly everyone was, they were all willing to help you out, and several of the vendors gave me their cards. I'm looking forward to going by their stores sometime soon. 
The entrance charge for the fair is 2 pounds, and I didn't really mind paying those 2 pounds because they use that money to set up the next vintage fair. I think the event occurs every month on the last Saturday of the month. Here's their webpage: http://www.thevintagefair.com/

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