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Friday, 31 May 2013


Walking through the Lanes in Brighton again we decided to stop for a drink in the sun. The nicest place we happened to walk past was Havana. The menu consisted of several different drinks, all somewhat original combining flavours that ordinary bars in London don't do. I chose a "Mango Colada" which happened to be similar to a Pina Colada with with mango and pineapple as well as a broader spectrum of alcohol.
Daniella got a pineapple Daiquiri that looked incredible in the glass they served it in. The drinks weren't cheap, but they were delicious and it took me quite a while to drink mine. The whole venue was decorated in a very beach-y expensive summer sort of style and it was a perfect way for us to sit outside and enjoy the last bit of sun for the day. 
I think if I lived in Brighton every sunny day you'd find me there trying to live like someone out of a film. 
Here's their website: http://www.havana.uk.com/

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