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Thursday, 30 May 2013

Angel Food Bakery

Walking through cute tiny roads in the central area of Brighton we passed by Angel Food Bakery" which happened to have several really well decorated cupcakes in the window. I couldn't stop myself from going in. Everyone was so friendly, even if it took me ages to decide which flavour I wanted.  All the cupcakes looked incredible, but so did this huge Victoria sponge cake. It was so difficult to choose.
In the end I had a lemon meringue cupcake, which had lemon-y custard stuff in the middle too which was really good and unexpected. The shop is so cute and small but there's enough space on the bar for them to show off all their cakes. There are nice little bar stools for the customers to sit on while they eat their cake if they wish to eat in. 
Generally in the UK they charge you more if you want to eat in, and this place was no different so I took my cupcake to go, and I devoured it in the middle of the road before heading into an art shop near by.
Here's their website: http://www.angelfoodbakery.co.uk 

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