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Monday, 27 May 2013

Victoria Park

Last bank holiday Monday I was able to go to the park with my flatmate Emily. We brought lunch, and we just sat down on a blanket and relaxed in the sun. But not too in the sun cause we didn't want to get burnt. Living in east London means that the closest park is Victoria Park, but to our surprise its also a really nice park. 
I think the park ambiance on a sunny day in London is probably what I liked the most. Little children running around, and cute dogs too. So many groups of people were playing ball sports and doing barbecues. It really felt like being part of the city. I didn't even read my book cause I was too busy people watching. I loved it. 
Emily occasionally got freaked out by a bug, but that's fairly normal to me. I hate hate hate bees. Overall, it was just a really good thing to do on a day off, because you could tell no one was in a hurry to do anything. I love days like that, just days to relax. 

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