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Thursday, 23 May 2013

Barrio North

On the fifth of May Mexican people celebrate "Cinco de Mayo". Since this year I didn't get to celebrate St. Patrick's Day, I felt like it was my duty as a person to go out and drink on another day that is celebrated with alcohol. So in the evening on the 5th of May we decided to go drink margheritas at Barrio North near Angel. 
The place was decorated with pinatas and colourful banners, whenever you bought a drink they've offer you a stick on mustache and the first round of margheritas were 8 pounds each, but after that they were 5 pounds each. The drinking festivities started around 8pm, and continued on until about 3am. The music was fun and fast pace with a mix of latin music with newer house music and the occasional reggae piece. 
The outside smoking area was really nice too, cause there different coloured tiles all along the entrance, giving you the impression you're not in London. The main dancing area was really crowded, and there were so many different people out enjoying their night. Further back into the venue there were some couches and stools for people to sit, talk and relax which for us was really good at the start of the night, before the first few drinks.
The back section of the bar had really cool wallpaper with cut outs from newspapers, and pictures of Mexican wrestlers. The bathroom had a repetitive print of golden skulls all over the walls too. I think what I enjoyed most is that the bar was so authentic to the night's celebration. Even the stamp they put on our hand when we went in had a Mexican wrestling mask on it. 
Here's their webpage: http://www.barrionorth.com/

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