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Sunday, 5 May 2013


 If you want to go out for incredible brunch in east London go to the Albion in Shoreditch. Its an organic food shop specializing in breakfast food. You have to walk through the shop section to get to the seated brunch area.
Everything is white and beautiful with several rustic details. The edges of the tables have a cute metal trim, and you can look into the kitchen from the floor. Its nice to see the chefs cooking your eggs, and you can what other dishes they are preparing for inspiration for the next time you go there to eat.
I ate eggs and bacon on toast and orange juice. Their orange juice was the best one I've tasted so far in London. And they offer you the choice of white or brown bread for your toast, which i really liked. My friend Kristin got a museli dish and she asked for cinnamon as well and the staff didn't make a fuss about it unlike  in many other places.
You may need to wait a while before you're seated in the weekend but its worth it. Here's their webpage:http://www.albioncaff.co.uk/

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