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Thursday, 2 January 2014

Nelly Duff Print Shop

Columbia Road is amazing for many things including cute print shops and homeware stores. Each store is the ground floor of a little house, and it reminds me of shopping in small home owned stores. East London takes a lot of pride in the independent. It being shops, cafes, restaurants, everything has its own distinct style and personnel that cares a lot about the place where they work. 
Nelly Duff is an amazing little print shop, they have a variety of different artists' work. Most of the things they sell follow a fun and bright theme. They have a wall of books and cards all showcasing London in a great light. My favourite thing on that wall was a print featuring "Beigel Bake" a store on Brick Lane. 
If I had a stable home for a couple of years I would love to get some prints from here to decorate my home. Who wouldn't want a giant print of a fork next to their fridge? To me, prints are amazing gifts, especially since it shows you know a person's taste, and it's an unexpected gift. If they had a neon elephant I'd love that for my birthday. 
You can browse through their prints here: http://www.nellyduff.com/

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