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Friday, 24 January 2014

London Art Fair

The London Art Fair is one of those things that gets advertised obsessively on the tube. This year, I got to attend it because of my university. The event itself is really well organized and there is a good flow to it. Sadly, if you want a map of the exhibitors or anything else to guide you you have to spend even more money. That's one of the biggest things I disliked about the event, it was really expensive. The food court wasn't too badly priced, but who can even afford food after they've spent about 20 pounds to just see the show.
The show is organized as a trade show, there's a little exhibit at the start of show, but then everything is divided into little stands for the sellers. All of the stands are very uniform but some of them have really amazing pieces. There was one that had a map of the world made out of the different countries currency. 
I think attending was a fun experience, but since I wasn't there to invest anything my time wasn't used wisely. I think I would much rather enjoy visiting each gallery individually and look over the art than seeing a huge variation of art all crammed into one big show. Thankfully I went on the Friday so it wasn't too crowded, the ambiance was good, and everyone seemed interested in being there. Overall, I liked the show but I would have liked it so much more if I could have bought some of the art.
Here's their website: http://www.londonartfair.co.uk/

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