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Monday, 20 January 2014


LAB is an amazing cocktail bar in Soho, I love their Pornstar Martinis. I might be a little biased since that's the only drink I've had there, but they are genuinely amazing. Sugared passionfruit? Yes, please! My flatmate's classmate works there, that's how we found it. Sadly it doesn't stay open too late, but that means you can catch the last tube home. 
They have 2 floors, a DJ in a tiny closet like hole and 2 bars. You don't have to change floor to order your drinks, and there are usually a few corners free to sit and stand. The music gets really going around 10 o'clock but some how I've never danced there. My favourite thing is that the sign for the women's bathroom says "Bitches" giving the place just that extra bit of edge. Their menu however is very fun loving, and they literally have any cocktail you could ever want. We recently got a cake flavoured one for my friend Niko and he wasn't too pleased by how pink his drink was. 
Some of their drinks have TV based names such as the "Games of Sloanes" drink. More than anything I go here for the good vibes. They have normal prices for central London, varying from about 6-10 pounds depending on the drink. Of course the Pornstar Martinis come with a shot of Prosecco making them more expensive than most drinks. But I wouldn't give up that passionfruit if my life depended on it.
Here's their website: http://www.labbaruk.com/

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