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Saturday, 4 January 2014

Rinkoff Bakery

Since all the hype about the cronut started I wanted to go to the Duck and Waffle, but I also found out that Rinkoff Bakery here in east London makes their own version of a cronut, but they call it a crodough. So one Monday evening I dragged my flatmate Emily there in the rain. 
A cronut is meant to be the combination of a doughnut and a croissant. Covered in sugar and sweet like a doughnut but buttery and layered like a croissant. And let me tell you, the combination is very tasty. Not exactly something light to eat at the end of a meal but interesting, different and probably something I'd love to grab to eat on the way to work once I get a job. 
Rinkoff has 2 bakeries, which close fairly early in the day, we got there in the last half hour they were open. Luckily they still had some cronuts left, I got a caramel Christmas inspired one and Emily opted for the last raspberry one. Now was the cronut worth the wait? Yes. I loved that it combined two pastries I ate almost daily living in Europe. I love that people are being creative in the baking world especially since after a week of croissants for breakfast I just don't like them anymore. I'm much more of a pain au chocolat type of girl. What about you? 
Here's their website if you want to get a cronut yourself: http://www.rinkoffbakery.co.uk/

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