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Wednesday, 6 February 2013


Yesterday I went to a late lunch in Soho, we ended up walking for so long that we got to Dean Street. I know of two Sichuanese restaurants on that street, but my friend didn't feel like Chinese food. So we went to an Italian place called "&Pasta". You get to choose from a variety of sauces and different pasta and make the combo you like. The cheapest dish of pasta is about 5 pounds, and the most expensive is around 9 pounds.
I had fish filled ravioli with tomato and basil sauce and I loved it. I would have liked to have parmesan cheese on it but you're not supposed to eat cheese with fish in the Italian culture. As an Italian I felt like I shouldn't ask for cheese with a fish dish. Its almost as bad as when people cut their Spaghetti, if you're a foreigner its somewhat acceptable, but if you're Italian its practically a sin to cut your pasta. 
Overall, the "fast food" restaurant was really good, especially since it is prepared in a fast food style. They also have a huge variation of Focaccia available which makes me want to go back even more. And you can eat there in a hurry or you can take your time. They do all their dishes to go as well as serving them to you seated. They allow you to pay after you've eaten your meal if you choose to eat there. I don't know how full it gets when its busy but it was really nice being there while it was quiet. If you want to go somewhere nice, with good food, but cheap its a place to go.

Here's an animation of the book "The Geometry of Pasta": http://www.geometryofpasta.co.uk/animation.php

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