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Saturday, 9 February 2013


When I was young and I lived in Chelsea I used to go to the Victoria and Albert museum very often. I pretty much have the permanent collection memorized. I really like some of the Asian and African works they have.  In September I went to the V&A to see a collection of British ballgowns. Walking towards that section of the museum I saw this statue. I really liked the draping on the dress, and the light was hitting the statue really softly. I've seen a lot of classical art pieces throughout my life and I think this was one of the few times I really appreciated it. 
The patio in the V&A is really beautiful and their food selection makes you want to stay outside even more to enjoy your day. The architecture of the building is incredible. These arches are really breathtaking, and the different sized arches really attract your eye to the positive and negative space. On the exterior of the building on Exhibition Road there is a wall that has dents from fire arms during WW2. I find these kind of things really fascinating because it tells the story, and it holds a part of history that you can see and physically touch. I often find it hard to stop and think about these kinds of things, but on rare occasions you're presented with the story and you can't look away. 
Overall, as a museum I recommend the V&A, but if you're planning to go there expect to be there for at least half a day because you don't want to rush your browsing and you're likely to spend at least 40 minutes in the museum shop alone. 

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