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Thursday, 14 March 2013

What is a foodie?

To me a  a foodie is a person that enjoys all types of food, but also all qualities of food. We relate the price of food to the taste of it. So we understand that cheap food can't taste as good as expensive food, but you can also find a lot of very high quality food at reasonable prices especially in a place like London.

One of my possible backup careers is "food critic". I love food that much. A lot of my favourite food is food people learn to love because its an acquired taste. I also love certain really plain dishes, especially when the ingredients are fresh.

I will always appreciate a plate of spaghetti with fresh tomato sauce and fresh basil. If you've ever seen the film "eat, pray, love", the scene where Julia Roberts goes to Italy and starts eating real Italian food, that is the kind of pasta I would kill for.
Having lived in Luxembourg I also enjoy French cuisine. I've got a weak spot for "foie gras". Let me explain, it is processed duck liver or goose liver. It sounds disgusting, but it is one of my favourite foods. To eat foie gras you need to have the right bread, generally, it is brioche bread, which you slice and heat in the oven. You then spread a thick layer of foie gras over one slide of the bread, be careful when you do this, cause most of the time the bread cracks into smaller bits.
In France there is a similar food called "pate". The difference between foie gras and pate is that pate is any processed meat that is made into a paste, foie gras is a type of pate specifically made of duke or goose liver. Unfortunately the method for making foie gras is very inhumane. The farmer force feeds the geese and ducks until the explode, practically.

I'd like to think that I am open to eating any type of food. I have yet to try snails, fried mars bars, and several other dishes. If you have any suggestions of food I should try, let me know!

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