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Monday, 18 March 2013

Comic Relief, giving back.

The English are obsessed with the concept of giving back. It seems to clear their conscience in some way.
Anyway, on Friday night I watched the first 3 hours of the comic relief show. I didn't understand most of the gags, but there were some scenes that were really hilarious.
I would have like to see them actually shaving Jessie J's head, but you can't have everything in life. I hated the parts where the showed one direction in Africa, I thought that was almost them making fun of the situation. There was one slightly older woman who spoke about what she saw in Africa, and she spoke so well I think she touched many of us.
I enjoyed seeing how much silly little activities could raise so much money and awareness. Even teachers dressed up as whoopie cushions could raise an insane amount of awareness. The red nose idea is so cute too, it makes people of every age take part. I wish giving back to the community was part of our daily, or even weekly life.
I try to lend a hand when I can, because I know I am a lot more fortunate than many others. My family used to support an orphan in eastern Europe, and every year we send money to the woman that looked after me after i was born. She currently lives in the Philippines with 2 children and her husband. They used to own a shop but it got taken away because they were in debt to someone. She has serious heart problems and with the money we send her she is able to support her family as well as pay for her doctor.
Overall, if we are able to live happily we should try and help others to do so as well. Remember, you don't actually know how much you're helping and now much they need you.

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