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Saturday, 9 November 2013

The Hoxton Seven

Walking around Shoreditch trying to find a slightly more relaxed and quiet bar may not seem like such a hard task on a Tuesday night. But after strolling past at least 10 bars, we were getting a little tired. Luckily we found The Hoxton Seven. Which is a great little place on a corner of a big road. You walk up a few little steps and step through a big heavy door and voila, you’re inside this cosy yet large bar. They have couches and booths set up around all the sides of the room, leaving enough space in the middle for the Saturday night crowd. 
After we chose our booth, we glanced through their drinks menu, admiring all the strangely named cocktails. I chose a passion fruit mojito. Which I must say is probably the best mojito I’ve had in London. The music was the perfect volume for us to continue our conversation and enjoy our drinks without having to scream. The service was fast, and for east London, and cocktails the drinks weren’t priced too highly. 
But I think the most interesting about this bar is the art around the room, and the huge stuffed black bear in one corner of the room. Its a fun slightly quirky bar, but good for a lazy night out, especially if you don’t want to dance. 

Here’s their facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Hoxtonseven

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