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Sunday, 8 September 2013


London is meant to have bars for everything, and I wanted to play ping pong. So after a bit of googling I found this; Pongathon. The Pongathon team hosts table tennis events throughout London. You're supposed to book online to reserve a table to play. You can book it for 1 hour or more. And its cheaper if you go to play between 5 and 6 or 10 and 11.
We paid 12.50 pounds for 10-11pm which was great because we were able to go to dinner first. We got there and they had everything organized. You can bring your own paddles or borrow theirs. I gave in my credit card for collateral in case we didn't return the bats. Which of course we did. There was 3 of us playing that way we weren't always playing. In fact I had a Corona during my breaks.
They also had a really good dj playing while we played ping pong which helped us get in the zone even more and he had incredible remixes that I've never heard before. I think we're going to go to another one of the events he djs at because he was that good. Overall Pongathon was awesome and I will be going to their events again because its a great opportunity to do something different for not too much money.
Here's their website: http://pongathon.com/

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