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Monday, 2 September 2013

L'Eau a la Bouche

Walking through Broadway Market sometimes you just want to sit down and people watch. My friend and I struggled to get seats here, at L'Eau a la Bouche, because so many people are doing what we planned to do, sit and watch the people walk by. Previously I had been in this shop/cafe, to buy mortadella and other southern European foods. I really enjoyed the food I bought, and I had finished it really quickly. But this time we just wanted to get coffee and look at the people walking by.
Originally we had brought books with us to read in the crowded cafe, but I think I was only able to read 4 pages in the two hours that we sat there. It was just such a good view. We were able to see different families walking past, with cute children stopping to listen to and clap for the street musicians. We also saw the different ways people talk to each other, and analysed body language of different groups of people. It was also a good way to see what clothes we liked and which shoes I wanted to buy. 
They probably would have let us sit there for a lot longer, but the market was closing and there were less people to watch, and it had been a while since we had finished our coffees. But if you ever feel lonely in London, sitting there on a Saturday afternoon will really cheer you up.
Here's their website: http://www.labouche.co.uk/

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