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Tuesday, 24 September 2013


On a sunny Friday afternoon a cocktail or beer was needed. So I headed to the Boxpark in Shoreditch to grab a drink. This cute little box on the upper floor was serving frozen margaritas and American beer so we had to stop there. The place was called Bukowski. The waitress was really nice and while she got our drinks ready I looked around the little box. 
They had the kitchen at the far end of the box, and they were able to fit in a few booths for people to eat in when the London weather is not so nice which happens to be most of the time. There were a few small details around the restaurant/box which made me like the place even more. My favourite detail was a light up sign saying "Bukowski" in flowing writing as though it had been hand written. 
One of the reasons Bukowski is popular is because they cook their food on a charcoal grill, and therefore the meats have more rustic flavour. Sadly they don't seem to have anything vegitarian on the menu, but if you go with some meat loving friends then you're alright. I just really enjoyed the atmosphere inside their little box, as well as on the open terrase with picnic tables on the top of the Boxpark, its perfect for a casual afternoon. Here's their website: http://www.bukowski-grill.co.uk/

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