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Monday, 16 September 2013

Jamie's Italian

A few weeks ago I went to eat at Jamie's Italian in Angel with some friends. We had a table near the window on the furthest edge from the entrance. It was really full and really loud. But everyone seemed to really be enjoying their food. I glanced over the menu a couple times choosing a different dish each time but I settled with Wild Rabbit Tagliolini (pasta). I didn't really feel hungry enough to have a starter, so I waited as the others ate theirs.
Their starters looked really incredible, and I was looking forward to getting my dish. The service throughout the meal was pretty slow, and we were getting a little impatient because we already had been given so much time to choose our order, and way too much time between the starter and the main. Our main dishes did not arrive all at the same time, but instead I had to wait a few extra minutes. Once receiving my dish I jumped straight in. But after the first taste I was really disappointed. They had really over seasoned my dish, I could barely taste the rabbit due to the flavour of pepper covering all of my taste buds. 
Knowing how much people had raved about Jamie Oliver's cooking I had expected it to be good, but I guess as an Italian I really shouldn't expect much. I would have sent the dish back if the waitress had walked past our table, but by the time she had come round to check on our food I had slowly swallowed more than half of the dish because I had been hungry. I did however leave some of the pasta behind, and I really rarely don't finish what I've been given. Overall, I don't recommend it, maybe I just had a bad experience but if you want something more authentic look for somewhere truly Italian. Its really a shame because so many things on their menu seemed interesting and if it had been good then I probably would have gone back really soon after that meal. 

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