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Friday, 20 September 2013


One rainy day in London we went to Richmond park to have a picnic under a big tree, and see the deer. We chose to take the bus to the park (371) and get off at the American University stop, near the Richmond Entrance of the park. We discussed what the defines a park, I think I came to the conclusion that a park is any area of nature/green land which is somewhat monitored and controlled by humans. As we were walking through the park towards the lake we noticed that a section of the woods had wire around it so the animals of the park wouldn't damage the plant growth. 
After enjoying our picnic under a large group of trees we walked through the path in the middle of the lake and looked at a few ducks. At this point Daniella intelligently jumped from one side to the other landing in the water making her foot soaked. So we relaxed on a bench while she tried to get dry. We then walked through  an area of the park where the deer were grazing. They were just all relaxing together, eating, pooing, you know the usual things deer do. But we were able to get pretty close to them without them getting frightened which was pretty cool. After we took about a billion photos of them we walked further on near where the young "Bambi's" were. They were a lot more scared of us than the other older deer.
We then went to relax and read our books in a shaded covered forest area, where we were lucky enough to see some bunnies pass by. I think that was the highlight of my day. The cold weather made it difficult to enjoy the nature around us, but it was fun to be out of the city in a group and see what a less populated area is like. I recommend going to Richmond, but not on a rainy day. 

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