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Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Butchery Bingo

Every Monday the Shoreditch butchery has a bingo night. There's a 2 pound entry fee if you don't book a table. I recommend you go in a group its more fun that way.
A man with a beautiful purple wig, wearing a neon green leotard and sequins platform boots hands you the bingo cards and explains how we'll be playing the game. He also lets you know that there will be swearing and sexual language throughout the games. He's very charismatic and his banter is one of the highlights of the night.
If someone on your team gets a bingo,you all scream "bingo" and someone heads over to the podium. If your numbers are all right then you win prizes and a round of shots for your table. The full game of bingo is played 3 times throughout the night, giving you 9 chances to win something.
We first won cocopops, then a mixed CD, a notebook, and finally a glee board game. In total we won 6 rounds if free shots too. It was insane.
The interior of the place is so cool and edgy, its as thought they converted a location into this tribal theme but leaving etched art in the walls too.
I can't wait to go back another Monday!
Here's the venue's website: shoreditchbutchery.co.uk

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