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Saturday, 20 April 2013

Welcome to Wonderland

On Friday the 19th of April I had a great day. I went to The Breakfast Club for lunch, then The Love Shake for a milkshake, and in the evening I went with my two friends Daniella and Kristin to paint pottery at this super cute pottery place in Hackney. 
The place is called Wonderland Ceramics and its decorated with an Alice in Wonderland theme. There are images on the walls that are from the book and the tables are painted red for the queen of hearts. The best thing about it is that there are so many different pieces that you can paint so if you don't want to paint the same boring old plate then you can paint a garden gnome or cuff links or even a cute box to keep your things.
Each item you paint costs a different price depending on its size, my plate was 11 pounds but there were a few items for cheaper around 7 pounds but also a bit more expensive pieces for about 18 pounds. I think the price is worth it cause it covers all the paint costs and the firing too, especially cause in the end you don't just leave with something practical you leave with a memory of a time in your life. Usually people bring their children to paint but one of the joys of painting is that anyone of any age can do it.
Its run by a French woman, and she glazes and fires all the pieces you paint. Last night was set up as a "late night painting" session, so we got there at 7 and painted until about 9 when the store closed. With pottery painting it takes so much longer than you think because you have to double coat everything you paint so that the colour stands out more. In about a week's time we're going to go back and pick up our pieces and see if they turned out ok. I'm really excited to go back. 
The ceramics studio's site is: wonderlandceramics.com

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