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Friday, 26 April 2013

Holland Park

When I was a child I frequently went to Holland park, I have gone to that playground at least 50 times. There were always so many squirrels and there's a section with peacocks, but not only that, my childhood friend Zoe lived near there so we would walk her dog in the park every time I went to her house.
On Tuesday, it was sunny and I had planned on spending the day alone therefore I went to visit the park. Walking through i got so many flashbacks of my childhood, especially of me running through the park with my friends. 
I think I sat at a bench for an hour just soaking in the good weather and happy atmosphere.
It was so nice to see people enjoying the sun. Even though in my opinion the English get a bit too excited when they see a ray of sunlight.
Overall, going to the park is a great way to spend the day outside without spending a lot of money, grab some food and a blanket and you're set for the day. I really hope it stays sunny for a while longer, I have way too many summer clothes.

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