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Monday, 29 April 2013

Vibe Cuts

On the 21st of April I got my haircut. But you see, it wasn't just a plain haircut, I got my haircut in the street on Brick Lane in East London. The group of people doing the haircuts are professional hairdressers and they really do know what they're doing. It seems a little sketchy and uncomfortable at first, but I think any time you cut your hair it makes you a little uneasy. 
The hairdressers belong to a hair salon near Liverpool Street Station named Johnny's Place (http://www.jonnysplace.co.uk/). I got my haircut from an Italian girl, she asked me what I wanted and I showed her where I thought it was appropriate to cut. Unlike a normal hair cut, they don't wash your hair in a sink in the middle of the street but they have spray bottles where they dampen the hair in the area it needs cutting. A woman near me got lots of different layers cut into her hair so her hear was almost fully wet, whereas my hair only got wet at the bottom. 
After a couple of snips here and there my hair was done, and I was really happy. This street haircut cost me 25 pounds, a lot cheaper than my usual hair dresser in London. If you feel daring and you need a trim, I really recommend you go to Brick Lane on a Sunday and get your haircut. Its fun and it will always be a cool story to tell. 

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