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Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Miss Chu

A cute little restaurant opened near Whitechapel Gallery a couple of months ago, and my flatmate Emily and I were finally able to try it out one Wednesday over lunch. You have the whole menu handed to you on a paper, and you tick the boxes of what you wish to eat. You then go to the desk where you make your order and pay. They then bring you your food where you're seated. They also do home deliveries!
We chose to sit outside and enjoy the food with a little glimmer of sun. Everything arrived really quickly, and all of a sudden our table was full. Iced coffee, jasmine tea, prawn dumplings, duck and rice rolls, crab rolls, spring rolls, you name it.
Sadly it was a little cold for the rice rolls, but we enjoyed everything else a lot. I wished I had gotten more prawn dumplings.
Everyone was really friendly, and they checked up on us quite often even if we were the only table outside. I enjoyed the food and I'll probably eat there again when I'm craving some dumplings. Which should be soon.
Here's their website: http://www.misschu.com.au/

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