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Friday, 14 February 2014

Skylon Mixology Masterclasses

My friend Klaudia and I attended the Skylon Mixology Masterclasses last Monday. The classes are held from 2pm to 4pm and you get to discuss with a bartender the whole time. We arrived a little early and got seated at a table with some nibbles and glasses of water. After talking to our bartender we decided we wanted to learn more about Whiskey, Tequila and Gin. He brought out bottles of all the key Whiskeys in their collection explaining why they were different based on country of production and flavour. Klaudia then decided she wanted to make a Whiskey based drink. So he brought out a cart with all the items she would need to make the drink. 
We each took turns learning about the drinks we were interested in, and making them ourselves with his instructions. I learned how you're supposed to properly shake a shaker and a few other small tricks of the trade. It was a really good way to spend the afternoon, gazing over at the Thames, enjoying a drink and learning something too. The location is beautiful and it's the perfect place to bring a date on a special occasion. The staff is very polite, helpful and kind. They were constantly refilling our water and were really attentive the whole time we were there. 
The class is free, but you pay for what you drink. Both Klaudia and I spent 25 GBP each. It was worth the money, I learnt so much and I actually think I'll use the skills I learnt again in the future. Now if only I hosted a cocktail party and I had a shaker. 

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