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Saturday, 8 February 2014

Broadway Bookshop

I love Broadway Market. It is one of the few roads in London that feels like home but feels new at the same time. Everyone is really friendly and on Saturdays this time of year they even tough it out in the rain. I wasn't used to facing the rain so I quickly walked into Broadway Bookshop to hide from the bad weather. I got a warm friendly greeting as I walked in and started browsing through the books. 
They have their books set up differently from every other bookshop I've been to. They place them by author, but firstly by country. So you'll find London guidebooks right next to literature about London or by Londoners. It was really calm and a happy atmosphere filled the rooms. There are several stairs you can go down to look at more and more books but there are also a few compelling photographs lining the staircase. 
I would have stayed longer if I had not just bought 5 books the previous week. I loved being there. Small bookshops motivate me to read more, to discover books I would never think of reading. And not only immerse myself in the book, but also into the culture around reading the book. That's why I like reading in caf├ęs so much. 

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