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Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Wright Brothers

Walking around Spitalfields I noticed that there was a new and slightly different restaurant. So one Sunday I brought my friend Dominique to discover what it was. It was Wright Brothers, a seafood restaurant specialised in lobster, crab, pretty much anything with a shell. We got there at about 5pm and sadly the kitchen only opens at 6 so they offered us a cold menu. After deciding we didn't want to share oysters we settled for brown crab. 
They served us bottled water and I got a sweet and sour juice to go with the food. While we waited we had some amazing brown bread and our crab was right in front of us before we knew it. I started by digging into the shell, letting Dominique have the claws, and off we went tearing the poor crab apart. The meat in the shell was strong in flavour and thick. When I got to opening up the legs I struggled with opening them and had a whole leg land in my lap. Lucky I was still wearing my napkin. The meat from the legs was a lot more tender and it contrasted greatly with the meat from the shell. 
After sharing the crab both Dominique and I were quite full so we called for the check. Overall, I really liked Wright Brothers. They had perfect calm music to go with the lighting and atmosphere of the place. I loved sitting at the bar and being served food. The staff was really friendly and kind, I was genuinely happy to leave them a tip. I already know I have to go back to try their hot food.
Here's their website: http://www.thewrightbrothers.co.uk/

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