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Thursday, 5 December 2013

Canary Wharf Ice Rink

One cold evening my flatmate Emily and I decided to go Iceskating. After a little research we found out the Canary Wharf Ice Rink is only 11 pounds for students. So off we went to get into the Christmas mood. 
Iceskating in England is different from Iceskating in Europe in the sense that you pay for a “session” which is usually an hour long, and you have to get off the ice and return the rental skates after your session. We planned well, so we arrived 20 minutes before our session, put our bags in lockers, and exchanged our shoes for skates. I tend to get used to the ice more if I listen to some My Chemical Romance, so I put on Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge and off I went on to the ice. 
Over the course of the hour, I only fell over twice. Emily managed to never fall over. It was nice to skate outside and see all the Christmas lights. I love iceskating because its a work out without being too sporty, almost everyone can skate a little. 
It was really nice to see the mix of people skating and since it was a Monday night it wasn't too crowded so you could skate which ever direction you wanted. Overall, I loved it, it was probably my best skating experience in the UK. Its a great place to go after work for a bit, and there are bars right next to it, so you can get a drink to warm you up after. 
Here’s the rink’s website: http://www.icerinkcanarywharf.co.uk/

(TimeOut.com has also featured all the other open-air rinks that have been set up around London)

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