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Sunday, 1 December 2013


If you’re looking to have a drink with a view and you can’t afford the Shard, the next best option is Paramount bar and club. You need to call to make a reservation, but after that you don’t even have to worry about being on time. The building where you find Paramount is called Centre Point, and the closest station is Tottenham Court Road. Upon arrival, you walk up the stairs and talk to the reception, they then take you up to the 33rd floor where you will find the bar. 
This isn't just an ordinary bar, its a bar with an amazing view. I like to go there around Christmas time because they’ve already set up all the lights so there’s even more to see. The drinks aren't cheap, but with a view like that it’s worth it. Also, their wine glasses are bigger than in most places around London. The staff is incredibly polite, and they know exactly when to approach you and when to leave you alone. That to me is very important I need to read the whole wine list before choosing one, and I hate being rushed.
After making your order, walk around the bar, since all the exterior walls are made of glass you can see London from every direction. Last time I went I spent hours just awing at the view. I never expected to see that much of London especially since somehow its always grey here. Overall, if you want to treat yourself to a good drink and a nice evening I strongly recommend Paramount. Where else can you go to see all the Christmas lights? 
Here’s their website: http://www.paramount.uk.net/

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